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The Feral Writer presents

Strategy Meets Creativity


Contented is all about creating content with strategy and posting with purpose. Part planning, part strategy and part creativity, the course will help you to set your content goals, target your ideal customer and create content that converts and cuts through the noise. 

With a no-kneejerk rule to avoid panic posting and pointless blog posts, Contented is about creating a content plan to underpin your business and achieve your goals. It’s not about templates or cut and paste, not about sounding the same or rigid structures - it’s about keeping it personal and creating your own content path.

Contented is designed to create a content plan for authentic brands – informal yet impactful, relaxed but with results, personal yet powerful.  
Welcome to a Contented life.

I didn’t want to offer a one size fits all content course because keeping it personal is my fingerprint. Contented has been designed so that it is unique to every individual creative taking the course yet with input and access from me personally at every point.


The Feral Writer presents

With modules on strategy, planning and coming up with creative content for your brand, you’ll get beneath the strategy that underpins your content, culminating in thoughtful, targeted content that converts

Audit your current content, create space for your content in your calendar, put together a content plan and create 90 days worth of content for your creative business

7 days of content, over 50 pages of workbook content and exercises, 30 videos, 3 bonuses and an interactive Facebook group

Created as an intensive, in-depth seven-day course, each day features one module with a series of exercises, workbook content and videos alongside an interactive Facebook group for feedback and feral chats.

Course Content


We kick off the course looking at your business objectives and your ideal customer, where you want to be in life and business and how your content can support this.

• The Core - where it all begins
• Your content why and your content who
• Audit and Assessment
• Your Content Job Description

Module ONE


The Core

This module is all about looking at the different platforms, how often you post, and putting together your enticing bio.

• Platform 9 ¾
• Frequency and Consistency
• A Distinctive Introduction
• Common Problems with Set-Up and Platforms

Module TWO


Strategy, Set-Up and The Snapshot

Module 3 focuses on the importance of authentic content, sharing value and telling your tale truthfully.

• Truth and Virtue
• How To Stop the Scroll (Without Selling Your Soul)
• Gold Versus Pyrite
• Courageous Content

Module THREE


Authentic Content (With a Side Order of Courage)

Module 4 is the big one: what on earth do I talk about on social media and in my blog content? In this module we’ll be digging deep for inspiration and emptying your content goldmine.

• What On Earth Can I Talk About?
• How Many Different Ways Can I Say “Look At This Beautiful Bouquet?”
• Emptying Your Content Goldmine and Creating Your Content Mindmap
• Enticing the Muse – How to Command Creativity
• Harnessing Hashtags and Boycotting Buzzwords
• A Side Note on Success Stories

Module FOUR


Inspiration and What to Talk About

Module 5 is all about creating your double calendar – dedicating time in your calendar to show up for your content and putting together a calendar of what content is being created when.

• Commitment and Carving Out Time for Content in Your Calendar
• Managing Your Time Effectively and Creating Your Content Calendar
•  Common Problems and Pitfalls
• A short word on Planoly

Module FIVE


Creating Time and Committing to Your Content

Module 6 focuses on conversion and creating content that converts your customer. This module looks at your specific content goals and what you want to achieve.

• Posting With Purpose
• Your Grid as a Campaign: 999
• Sales Versus Sincerity
• Content Goals (Literally)
• Top Tips for Content that Converts

Module SIX


The C Word: Content That Converts

The final module is all about bringing it all together and carrying on with the plan, creating a contented, strategic future.

• Bringing It All Together – Everyday Content Marketing
• Your Content Path is Personal (Competition and Comparison)
• The Importance of Analysis
• Adaptability and Agility
• Welcome to the New Contented You

Module SEVEN


Carry On Content: Setting Up Systems for Success and Sustainability

But, what about blogging? This bonus guide on blogging will help you create powerful blog posts that are on brand, results-focused and designed not just to generate readers but to convert into relationships.

The Guide to Blogging for Your Business

Bonus 3

I've brought in social media advertising expert Rebecca Thatcher who is sharing a class on how to reach your ideal customer with FB and IG ads. This free bonus masterclass has been designed to help you put your audience building strategy into action and reach your ideal customer.

Facebook Advertising Masterclass

Bonus 2

This bonus guide will guide you to create social media captions that convert your audience, building connection and creating community.

The Feral 50: 20 Copywriting Caption Tips and 30 Social Media Prompts for Creative Businesses

Bonus 1

Bonus Content


Great content is bespoke. Contented is about putting together a personal content plan and a strategy designed around your distinctive goals. Contented makes this accessible for creative entrepreneurs.


The Feral Writer presents

Jess Collins is a Story Sifter, Shape Shifter and Tell Tale Extraordinaire. Known for her straight talking grit not gloss approach, she tells tales with texture and leads with truth. Personal, powerful and impactful, she creates content that converts and simultaneously defines her client difference, working by the sea in Cornwall.

Creating content for over ten years, Jess originally ran a content marketing agency and was a specialist content marketing writer for The Guardian. These days things are much more simple, working part time from the sand, notebook in hand, she creates courageous content for brands all around the world. 



About Your Instructor


Creativity is always sponsored by coffee in the studio.

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Creating courageous content for brands all around the world.



Quick Facts

By Numbers

Coaching creatives in over 10 different countries.



The reason this course was born. So you could create content that is personal and impactful.

You (YES, YOU)


The first ever “live” group course with unlimited access to the exclusive Facebook group (this community continues after the course), Contented has been designed to be all about community.


The Feral Writer presents




You could continue posting without purpose and creating content to keep up with everybody else yet not really know what you’re posting for.

You could be stuck wondering what can I talk about? What can I say? How can I say this in a different way?

You could be downloading freebies and caught in funnels trying to find something personal, individual and original that isn’t yet another template, always to find it’s simply more sales with a lack of sincerity.

You could continue running your business throwing content out on a wing and a prayer without any purpose or sense of personality or brand identity.

It could be overwhelming...

You could be creating content from a place of calm, content with strategy that promotes authenticity

You could be overflowing with ideas and inspiration, with enough creative topics to create a 90 day plan

You could have a personalised content plan, targeted to your ideal customer with an exact idea of what you’re saying, when you’re saying it and why you’re saying it in the first place, creating content that is unique to you and isn’t another cookie cutter sound-the-same copy.

You could be creating content that has been designed to build relationship and get results, content that is designed with impact and purpose – content created for a Contented life. You could run your business from a place of purpose, confidence, and peace of mind.

...or it could be empowering!

“Contented transformed so many things for me”

- ria mishaal, arcana

- KATE CULLEN (feedback from a different course)

I knew it would be as everything you do always is but I didn’t realise how timely and useful it would really become. The course was just what I needed, actionable each day and in just the right quantity to be manageable yet with far reaching impact. Thank you Jess for giving away so much of your incredible knowledge.

"What can I say that expresses just how brilliant insightful this course is?"

Kind Words

from past course students

- ANNA D’SOUZA (feedback from a different course)

I learned from her how to begin to put things into words in a braver and more honest way. Jess is deeply thoughtful and understands the true meanings of courage and authenticity. If you truly go with it you can learn to write with more depth and meaning.

"Jess is a different kind of teacher ..."

- Kiki-Sunshine

She just gets who you are, where you’re coming from and the energy that you want to portray. A dream to work with and a pleasure to know you’ll be hard shot to find a wordsmith with more soul and integrity than this one.

"Jess has a way of getting under your skin without being intrusive."

- Carla Towill, The Unbridled

I’m a photographer, I’m good at images but I am absolutely rubbish when it comes to written content. But even if I was amazing I would still need Jess. She has the incredible ability to see the whole picture. She got to know me inside out in a short amount of time and her work literally blows my mind. I would honestly recommend this wonderful creature to anyone. More than just content, Jess has helped me craft and develop a new brand and I am beyond excited for the future.

"Finding Jess was the best thing to happen to my business."

The course has been designed to run over seven days and to be intensive, it will likely take an hour a day during that time to complete, perhaps a little longer. However, it can be done at your own pace, you don’t have to complete in the seven days but it has been put together so that you can re-do it every 90 days to create your content for the following quarter.

How long does it take to complete the course and what if I don’t have enough time?

Frequently Asked Questions

When you join the course there is an optional Facebook group. Here you will be able to access me during the entire week to ask questions, share progress and ask for any feedback. I will be available every single day in the group and plan to keep it highly personal. Once the course finishes you’ll be invited to a dedicated Alumni Facebook group where you can stay for ongoing questions, support and guidance. This will be ongoing with access to me at a lighter level.

How does it work with the Facebook group?

No, this course isn’t focused on copywriting, it’s more about content marketing and strategy. For a specialist copywriting course, be sure to check out my signature copywriting course, Audacity.

Will this course teach me how to create copywriting for my business?

The course runs for an intensive one week period with videos, written guide content and “Content-ercises” for you to complete each day. There is also an interactive Facebook group for you to join and share your progress or any questions or problems. I will be available in the group every single day to advise and guide, to give feedback and to celebrate your wins. The course is unlocked day by day so each day you’ll get access to a new module but it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it all done as you’ll continue to have access as well as receive any updated information or bonus additions. 

What is the format of the course?

This course will help you set your goals in place, define your ideal customer and set up a system for creating content that works to your calendar. You’ll learn how to create authentic content that converts your customer and builds relationship as well as how to come up with creative topics so you won’t be stuck for things to write. You’ll also learn how to make your content part of your day-to-day life, something that works for you rather than you being a slave to it. The group will provide feedback, support and accountability with Jess on hand to support and advise alongside additional bonus resources to help you continue your content journey from a place of understanding and empowerment.

What will this course help me with?

do you have more questions?

If you need more information or have a question, please send me an email, and I'll get back with you as soon as I can. 

Contented Course

Seven days of intensive content strategy, identifying your ideal customer, putting together your perfect content plan, coming up with your creativity goldmine and putting it all into practice with a 90 day content strategy – welcome to your Contented life.

The Feral Writer presents


Enjoy all 30 videos, 50+ pages of content, the triple bonuses and the personal access to Jess via the exclusive Facebook community.

Revisit the material whenever you like and enjoy updated modules and new bonuses every year at no extra charge plus ongoing membership to the Alumni community.

Doors are Open